Angewandte Mikrobiologie

Applied Microbiology

Microbial biofilms can cause multiple problems in process water, drinking water, purified water and waste water systems. Our microbiologists and chemists are specialists in the detection and characterization of biofilms. To develop a solution for your specific biofilm problem we sample your system and, if necessary, conduct laboratory simulations using a wide range of established analytical methods and biofilm reactors. We also specialize in the development of monitoring strategies based on microbial risk analysis. Microbially influenced corrosion, technical hygiene and toxicity tests as well as material and product testing complete our scope.

Recent projects have been focusing on hygienic risk accessments, cultivation-independent microbial methods e.g. flow cytometrie, material testing and membrane autopsies. Our AM scientists and consultants work for industrial customers and water supply companies in Germany and Europe.

  • Rapid cultivation-independent quantification of total and live bacterial cell numbers: Flow cytometry
  • Microbial growth on surfaces: Testing of materials for use in drinking water systems
  • Autopsy and analysis of membrane modules and fibres
  • Hygienic risk accessments and hygienic design

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Dr. Gabriela Schaule
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Dr. Martin Strathmann
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Angelika Reis
Department secretary
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IWW References: Flow cytometrie
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IWW References: Testing of material
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