Water Networks

Pipe networks of the public water supply are capital-intensive assets and complex to operate and to maintain. General deterioration processes causes increasing failure rates, water losses and maintenance costs. It also affects water quality and the functionality of the network itself.

Our experience in the field of pipe network assessment and corrosion protection enables us to support your company when it comes to sustainable maintenance. We also support you with preservation and improvement measures that enhance the functionality of your supply network.

A team of international experienced and skilled scientists and engineers provide a wide range of corrosion knowledge especially to the interaction between the transported or stored water and metallic or cement based materials. In addition investigation of materials, product testing and failure analysis complete our scope (e.g. dynamic test rig for assessment of metal release for materials in contact with drinking water (EN 15664)).

  • Development and implementation of corrosion protection strategies
  • Evaluation and monitoring of corrosion processes especially in water bearing systems
  • Pilot testing, e.g. semi-industrial plants for testing materials under real conditions
  • Failure analysis of materials and components inclusive simulation of corrosion system and damage procedure
  • Investigation and clarification of corrosion mechanisms
  • Technical condition assessment and lifetime forecasting of water pipes
  • Maintenance consulting for water networks incl. risk based or reliability based assessment concepts (networks and trunk mains)
  • Structural design of pipelines
  • Hydraulic network modelling
  • Concepts for network scouring and flushing strategies

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