Water Quality

The department water quality (WQ) offers a broad range of high-quality instrumental analysis. An experienced team and state-of-the-art equipment support our internationally recognized analysts. IWW is accredited according to ISI 17025 for nearly all parameters of the German Drinking Water Ordinance and the Water Framework Directive (WFD) respectively. In addition, we offer the European Watchlist substances as a routine service item and many customized parameter sets. Especially, our department Organic trace analysis is highly recognized in Europe. References on WFR related projects in Croatia, Ireland, and Luxemburg can be provided.

As customer, you will benefit from reliable routine analysis according to all relevant regulations and current needs. Furthermore, we provide up-to-date methods for current issues of trace analysis (e.g. priority substances, emerging pollutants) based on our research activities. An interdisciplinary team evaluates all results and is always willing to provide further consulting.

Outlines for selected consulting projects
  • Monitoring of relevant trace contaminants including EU Watchlist substances (Luxemburg)
  • Monitoring of Coastal and Transitional Waters in Europe (Croatia, Ireland)
  • Proficiency Tests for all parameters relevant for drinking water and priority substances according to WFD
  • Non-Target Analysis of relevant trace pollutants combined with a toxicological evaluation

For more detailed information on current analytical projects, please follow the links provided on the right hand side under “more information”.

For more details on tAQS BW logohe Proficiency tests and for possible online registrations please visit the website of our partner AQS Baden-Württemberg.


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Dr. Ulrich Borchers
Phone: +49 208 40303 210
e-mail: u.borchers@iww-online.de

Dr. Achim Rübel
Phone: +49 208 40303 211
e-mail: a.ruebel@iww-online.de

Nicole Schwarz
Phone: +49 208 40303 102
e-mail: wq@iww-online.de


NORMAN Network

IWW References: Monitoring of relevant trace contaminants including EU Watchlist substances
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IWW References: Monitoring of Coastal and Transitional Waters in Europe
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IWW References: Proficiency Tests for Drinking Water Parameters and Priority Substances (EU WFD)
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