Water Economics & Management

Our department Water Economics & Management offers consulting services for economic assessments, investment evaluation, and cost and tariff analysis. We support operators to develop specific sustainable asset strategies under changing conditions to ensure economic efficient water supply and sanitation services in the future. Economic experts provide performance indicator, metrics and efficiency analysis and are specialized on moderation techniques for networking and optimisation projects (e.g. benchmarking for water suppliers, exchange of experience for water network operators). We also carry out socio-economic studies with social objectives, ecosystem service evaluations and support roadmap and strategy development processes for decision makers.

The risk management experts support operators in implementing water safety plans and risk management processes and ensure appropriate organizational and processual documentations.

Our software developers provide specialized software for analyzing data for water suppliers and surveillance authorities.

In our projects we work on these technical and economical interfaces. A team of international experienced and trained economists, industrial engineers and scientists give professional advice on how to realise innovative, sustainable and cost-optimized projects for drinking water suppliers, industrial operators and urban planners.

  • Economic assessment of alternative water supply strategies
  • Ecosystem service evaluation
  • Multi criteria decision analyses (MCDA)
  • Water Safety Plans, Technical Risk Management (TRiM®) mitigates risks for a safe drinking water supply
  • Roadmapping as strategic instrument for multidimensional decision making


  • In preparation


Andreas Hein
Phone: +49 208 40303 340
e-mail: a.hein@iww-online.de

Martin Offermann
Phone: +49 208 40303 342
e-mail: m.offermann@iww-online.de

Sonja Rothermel
Department secretary
Phone: +49 (0) 208 40303 601
e-mail: we@iww-online.de


IWW References: Water Safety Plans
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IWW References: Economic assessment of alternative water supply strategies
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